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Art & Galleries

Browse an extensive collection of original Indigenous art and craft including local timber sculptures (punu), dot paintings, glassware and pottery and watch local artists at work.

Art & Galleries

Mulgara Gallery

Mulgara Gallery opens a window into the unique world of Australian and Indigenous arts and crafts. The gallery offers a superb selection of original dot-paintings, artworks, hand-crafted glassware, jewellery, pottery, textiles, metal and leather-work. The gallery showcases a range of Central Australian Indigenous art representing the many different regional styles.
Located at Sails in the Desert
Open daily 8.30am to 5.00pm

Mingkiri Arts

Mingkiri Arts offers an extensive selection of Australian hand crafted glassware, jewellery, pottery, zebra rock and Central Australian Indigenous artworks. A further selection of Indigenous artwork can be found at Arnguli restaurant's revolving art exhibition space.
Located at Desert Gardens Hotel
Open daily 8.30am to 5.00pm

Galleries Mingkiri

Wintjiri Arts and Museum

This Indigenous art gallery exhibits the works of our Artist in Residence, watch the artist at work and purchase one of the artworks as a unique souvenir. The retail area showcases local Anangu products including jewellery, postcards, cushions, textiles, kitchen ware.
Located adjacent to Desert Gardens Hotel
Open daily 8.30am to 5.00pm

Found that must-have piece of art?

If you've recently visited the Resort and found a piece of art that you can't live without, or just have questions regarding the art on offer at the Resort in any of the three galleries, then please reach out to us and let us know.

Artist in Residence

The Resort's highly successful 'Artist in Residence' program selects Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists and craftspeople to take up residence for a month at a time to create art pieces in situ, exhibit and sell their work. The program showcases a diverse range of mediums and creative responses to the unique location of the Red Centre and provides a special opportunity to meet and watch these talented artists at work.
Wintjiri Arts & Museum, adjacent to Desert Gardens Hotel
Mingkiri Arts, at Desert Gardens Hotel

Artist in Residence

Did you know? 

Anangu paintings are created for religious and ceremonial expression and for teaching and storytelling. Several rock shelters at the base of Uluru provide visitors with the opportunity to observe evidence of this ancient tradition. The paintings are of considerable historic and cultural significance to Anangu, who continue to ensure their preservation and protection.


The symbols and figures in the caves at Uluru are similar to those found at many sites throughout Central Australia. These include geometric symbols such as concentric circles, figures representing animal tracks, and the outlines of animals. Artists can use these symbols to represent different meanings.

The concentric circles symbol is a good example of how artists often use the same symbol to represent many things. In some paintings, concentric circles may mean a waterhole or a camping place. In others, the same symbol may indicate a tjala (honey ant) nest, or ili (native fig). The symbol usually represents a site that is a part of an intricate story being recorded and told by the artist. The true meanings of the rock paintings at Uluru rest with the artists and their descendants.


Anangu make paints from natural mineral substances mixed with water and sometimes with animal fat. They most commonly use red, yellow, orange, white, grey and black pigments. Red, yellow and orange pigments are iron-stained clays called ochres. Calcite and ash are used to make white pigment and calcite and charcoal are used to make black pigment. Calcite is a chalky mineral which occurs naturally in calcrete deposits common in this area.

To learn more about Anangu art join a Maruku Dot Painting Workshop or visit the Cultural Centre inside the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Galleries Mulgara display

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